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Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BLUE

by Claudia Murillo on January 14, 2021

This Victorian era wedding rhyme has been tradition for many years. It describes objects a bride is required to have on her wedding day for good luck. 

But why Blue?

The primary color BLUE has been known for being calming. Symbolizes loyalty, stability, inspiration and wisdom. All things you would hope for in a successful marriage.

 It is one of the universe's most liked color. Shown to work as well as a neutral, like black or grey. Can be paired with a variety of color combinations and still have a classic elegant look. 

 Our selection of blue tones are our MOST popular item, weathering in a suit or barn set. We carry a deep color Navy; Luxurious Indigo, and a Bright cheerful Cobalt. 

All our blues are available now for all special occasions in this new year, 2021. 


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