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Untraditional Flower Girl

by Elias Matar on September 22, 2020

Even the girliest of all girls will choose comfort over pretty and uncomfortable. Most kids want to be kids and be able to run and move as easy as possible. We at Peanut Butter Collection love the idea of flower girls being able to wear more than dresses. 

We have broken the mini-bride mold and design comfortable stylish suits for boys and GIRLS. We carry a range of suits and barn sets for all your special occasion.Our suits are all in one outfit. Elastic waist band for every mobile kid comfort. Pre adjusted long tie or bow tie to prevent any fuss. Polyester material so there is no uncomfortable itchy fabric.

Little girls can be styled with any pair of mary jane shoes , heels and even glitter sparkling tennis shoes. Topped with a tiara, headband, crown or flower crown. Perfect way to bring out a little princesses personality. A perfect combination of comfort, sweet and fun. 

We will like to give all girls the option of an untraditional look. A flower girl can be as different as many variations of flowers.



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