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Autumn Wedding

by Elias Matar on October 10, 2020
Autumn Wedding
Claudia M Alcantara

The Autumn season is my favorite season of the year. Generally people start settling down from summer adventures. Weather starts cooling, but not yet cold making it more predictable. Autumn's natural colors become decor. Making it the perfect time to celebrate an outdoor wedding and/or an indoor reception. 

Autumn embraces seasons change with a unique nature colors that can be accommodated with a numerous amount of color palettes for all types of weddings. 

Rich color tones- deep purples, dark reds, royal blues, emerald green.
Season tones- pumpkin shades, sage, blush 
Nature greens and shades of autumn leaves
Elegants colors;Gold, Silver, and Shades of white
An endless color combination. 

We at Peanut Butter Collection carry a variety of ring bearer and flower girl suits, tuxedos, formal vest and ties to fit all you Autumn Special Occasion. 
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