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Our Year Round Best Seller Is Our 4-Piece Barn Sets

by Claudia Murillo on December 15, 2020
Our Year Round Best Seller Is Our 4-Piece Barn Sets

Perfectly fitting for special occasions in every season. This 4-piece includes pants, a button down long sleeve shirt, ivory or white option. Top with a pre-tied adjustable bow tie and  suspenders that can be matched or combined with another color.

This set has become one of our most sold items.

The Barn Set design has been incorporated into all our different collections. You can find this style in our Teddy Boy Collection, Metallic Satin, Safari linen Collection and our Classic polyester design.

The Safari Collection

Barn Wedding Set Sand and Navy Safari are available now in sizes 1-7

Teddy Boy Collection

Barn Wedding Set Houndstooth and Silver Stripe and available in sizes 0-5

The Classics

Barn Wedding Set Heather and Burgundy are available now in sizes 0-8.

Metallic Satins

Barn Wedding Set Metallic Blush is available now in sizes 1-4.

Make an appearance in this popular barn set for you next special occasion. Contact us for any questions on mixing suspender or bow tie color. 



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