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Timeless Classic

by Claudia Murillo on October 29, 2021

A popular pattern that has been fashionable throughout the years has been HOUNDSTOOTH. 

This pattern of broken checkers that create an abstracted four point shape, most often seen in black and white has been seen as a symbol of style. A vintage origin that continues to come back every Fall/Winter season for many generations. This retro print has ranged. It can be styled to create an edgy look then easily transformed into pure sophistication. 

We at Peanut Butter Collection have all your suit needs in this timeless classic print. Ready to dress everyone and anyone. Our fashionable young adult collection includes this popular Houndstooth print in our Teddy Boy Collection. 

It’s must have to rock whatever formal occasion you are attending

This set comes with pants, suit jacket and black bow tie. Perfectly and indiscreetly fitting for both men and women with little to no adjustment. 

You can break down the suit and wear it separately. You can achieve the oversize jacket look with our suit jacket. Easily paired with denim or a fitted dress. The pants can be worn on their own with a collar shirt to look formal or a basic white tee to keep it casual.

 You have endless possibilities

We have designed the very stylish Johnny B suit in this popular print for our kids collection. 

This suit comes with Houndstooth pants and jacket with a flat white collar shirt, black suspenders and bow tie. Similar to this we have the Houndstooth Barn Set. A very popular set at Peanut Butter. A very perfect combo for any mini bridal party for your dashing ringbearer to walk down the aisle this upcoming wedding season or any special occasion.

There is no doubt that purchasing this suit is a conscious decision.

Houndstooth is a print with endless charisma that will never go out of style.

A trend that is repeatedly seen on fashion runways in Men, Women and children. Famously consumed by Christian Dior and seen applied to the collections of many big house designers like; Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Armani. 

A timeless trend you need to own.  


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