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Tradition of a Ring Bearer

by Elias Matar on October 02, 2020

A ring bearer job is an important part of a wedding ceremony. The job dates back to the Victorian days when a ring bearer was called a pageboy. Pageboy duties were to carry the brides dress train, prayer book and of course, the rings. Dressed in lace collar and sash. A tradition that still continues, all BUT the attire.

Today, a ring bearer is chosen by the bride and groom. Dresses in a suit or tuxedo just like the groom and groomsmen. Ring bearer duties are to carry the most symbolic items of the wedding, the rings! A responsibility that should be dressed according.

We at Peanut Butter Collection, we carry a variety of colors and suits and tuxedos to fit any wedding occasion attire. 

Our famous Joey Suits, Bond Tuxedos and Barn Sets are an all-in-one set in a variety of traditional wedding colors. All sets come with a crisp white shirt and a pre tied adjustable tie or bow tie. Perfect suit to bring out a little gentlemen. 



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